Hoping Over the Husband

Pregnancy is not easy to women. Sometimes, aside from the heaviness of their abdomen, they would need to resize or buy another set of clothes which are bigger than their usual called maternity dresses. They may also feel sick and lazy, might crave for specific foods, and have mood swings. Sometimes, because they think that both husband and wife did something to make the wife pregnant, the suffering should be shared. The man also has to feel what the woman feels. In the Philippines, they believe that pregnant women can pass what she feels on her husband by hoping over him or his body while he is asleep.

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Before education have been known in the Philippines, they believe in the power of quack doctors to heal someone with illness and diseases. These days, a lot of people became educated, some of them became doctors of health, and doctors have been known to public, but there are still few people who choose to go and have their selves or their loved ones experience ‘treatment’ from the quack doctor. Tourists, especially those who marry Filipinos who are living in a place away from the cities called barrio may be shocked because quack doctors may sometimes ask for unusual things such as pure black chicken, fresh chicken’s head, candle and water to have the melted wax of the candle drop on water, some leaves, etc.

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Quack (fake) doctors can be effective

In The Philippines it is believed that quack doctors can be very effective when it comes to illness without clear findings or clues. People rather go to a quack doctor first to get better. If this does not work then they will go to a hospital.

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