The 5 Coolest Chinese Tiger Sayings You Must Know

Globally, tigers are a symbol of strength, courage, and power. In China, the symbol of the Tiger is further strengthened by its regular appearance in literature, language expressions, art, and astrology. What’s perhaps the most remarkable is that tigers often appear in Chinese saying (Cheng Yu) related to power. Below we’ve listed the most common ones with a short explanation of their meaning. They’re actually really fun! And if you’re studying Chinese, trying to use these in public will really impress. If you’re looking for insights into Chinese culture, these sayings are really worth to understand as well. The fox uses the tiger’s power to bully other animals 狐假虎威 (hú jiǎ hǔ wēi): It’s used to describe a person who relies on the power of others to oppress and intimidate people. The tiger left the … Continue reading The 5 Coolest Chinese Tiger Sayings You Must Know