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Before being able to make contributions on users need to sign up. Becoming a member of the community is free of charge! The benefits are enormous, for users have always and everywhere free access to the interesting, reliable and helpful material offers. You can easily sign up by going to the homepage and clicking on the pink ‘sign up’ button.

When posting on

When posting on, please make sure your language is correct and friendly. It is best to try and avoid to make any of your co-users feel cornered or judged. Bad language and racism are strongly prohibited. Offenders will be punished by banishment from the website. If any of these offenses occur in a ‘do’s or don’ts’ post, the user who made them will be contacted by one of site administrators. A first offender will be asked  to mind his language in the future. Should a user however go on posting insulting content he will be banned for life from We would like to thank all our users for their efforts to keep a clean online platform, where users from all over the world can respectfully interact with each other.

Adding do’s and don’ts to

When making a post on please note that the message posted should always be related to a do or don’t from a certain country. Messages that are not related to manners, etiquette or other cultural do’s and don’ts will be deleted from the platform.??

Interactions on the

While interacting with other users on, please use proper language and act in the way, which means: Share, Interact, Respect and Connect.

Using information/data from

Should you decide to use information/data from the platform, note that usage of said information/data is only allowed for the specifically stated goal of educating businesspeople and companies about the requirements of polite and respectful interaction with counterparts from a totally different cultural background. does not allow its users to copy information from the platform to any other websites or publication, neither in analogue nor in digital form. Private use is allowed. Should a user act contrary to the above prohibition, will be forced to take appropriate actions, possibly resulting in a lawsuit against this user.A user who has a good proposition or offer for to share information/data on other platforms, may contact us on

Connecting with other users thru their profiles encourages users from different countries to connect and keep contact with each other  through the platform. Connections are made via personal profiles on the site, provided these  contain a name and website or email address. However, should a user contact other users against their will, a warning to desist will be issued. Spamming through is strongly prohibited. We call on to contact us on whenever offenses against this policy take place, so that we can take immediate action against the offender.

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