Indian Eating Habits & Table Etiquette

In India, It’s rightly said that the mastery of table etiquette is supposed to reveal important parts of one’s character. Excellent table manners while having a sumptuous meal means you are thinking about the other people you’re with and respecting their presence. In this guide, learn about all the Indian also saving yourself from getting humiliated. We’ve done the groundwork so you will feel confident when you have to dine at an Indian restaurant or with an Indian family. Don’t say no without a plausible reason First thing first, the natives of India firmly believe in an old-saying ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which means ‘the guest is god’ so the visitors are treated in the most humble and pleasant manner by the hosts. Therefore, if you’re invited for a meal, refrain from rejecting the invitation for … Continue reading Indian Eating Habits & Table Etiquette