Japanese Traditions when Moving into a New Home

Many Asian countries are well-known for their remarkable customs when it comes to moving into a new home. In the past we’ve published guides related to this topic for the Philippines, South-korea, China, Malaysia, and India. Here’s our last publication of this theme, sharing with you home moving rituals in Japan. Jichin-Sai, a Shinto Ritual As for some more supernatural practices and traditions when moving into a new place, Japan with its colourful landscape of religious beliefs and rituals has got you covered! In Japan, there are rituals not for just moving into a new place. There are rituals that need to be performed on the construction site! The Jichin-sai is a Shinto ritual typically performed to sanctify, consecrate, and protect the area for a new building and includes the construction of an altar and a ritual … Continue reading Japanese Traditions when Moving into a New Home