11 Chinese Dog Idioms (Chengyu) That Will Surpise You

For a deep understanding of Chinese culture, one should look into idioms that are used daily life. As more Chinese are having dogs at pets, these common dog expressions in China are more frequently used. However, dogs in idioms do not always have a positive meaning, often describing bad guys and enemies in politics. Yet, some of them are really funny and positive! A dog trying to catch mice 狗拿耗子 (gǒu ná hào zǐ): What would a cat say if a dog is trying to catch its mice? This dog idiom is often used in situations ‘when one minds other people’s business’.  In other words it means ‘please, mind your own business’. When a man becomes immortal, his chickens and dogs become immortal too 一人得道,鸡犬升天 (yī rén dé dào, jī quǎn shēng tiān): Meaning When a … Continue reading 11 Chinese Dog Idioms (Chengyu) That Will Surpise You