Not Write in Red in China

The color red is considered to bring luck. But there is one way the color red may not be used. Please do not write somebody’s name in the color red. This means you wish them bad luck.

In general, it’s not good to write with a red color at all. In some more conservative company cultures, it’s not done, when your boss or colleagues see you writing with a red pen.

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Giving Rosary to One’s Partner

Most Filipinos are Christian and more than half of them are Roman Catholics. They are very familiar and do use rosaries. A rosary is something that they use to guide them with prayers or how to pray, usually in a bracelet-like o necklace-like form, and has a number of beads and a cross in the middle. The beads were put together by a string or a thick thread-like material. People say that couples should not give each other or a person should not give his or her partner a rosary because if it breaks and beads scatter, the good relationship might as well break.

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Do Not Change Things at Home When Pregnant The Philippines

Do not construct a house if the mother is expecting or trying to get pregnant in the Philippines. Moving and changing things in the house is asking for bad luck when you try to get or have a baby. In China this custom is also practiced.

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Accepting Shoes?

Don’t accept footwear from a friend; he/she might be stepping on your toes later.

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Falling and Breaking Things

Filipinos believe in signs, symbols and superstitious beliefs. Filipino people who lived years ago believed that when something will fall, it means a message has been sent. Falling of eating utensils (the fork and the spoon) is said to be a warning or a sign that one must be prepared of. If a spoon will fall unintentionally, it means, a female visitor will come; if a fork will, a male visitor will be coming. There are also beliefs that if one breaks something intentionally such as drinking glasses or (especially) picture frames with picture, he must call and check loved ones and tell them to be extra careful; it can be a sign that a tragedy happened or will happen.

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