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Guest Post & Collaboration

Do you want to contribute to or are you interested in other collaboration opportunities? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to learn more! is blog with in-depth publications about Asian culture, history, food and customs & traditions. Our dedicated local writers serve over 6000 visitors a month, who want to deepen their understanding of Asian cultures.

Why Us?

So why should you share your manners and customs on this website? Here are a few good points to consider.

•    Create a cultural heritage
•    Be part of the select club that can use the information but also can learn from each other
•    Build up a network and identify yourself
•    Enrich yourself and others
•    Make people aware of the power and use that are connected to manners
•    Change peoples insights and state of mind towards each other
•    Improve communication, respect and understanding for each other
•    Find people with the same interests
•    Get a up to date do’s and don’ts list for each region and category in countries

The value of these manners and customs for you:

•    Users can find do’s and don’ts easily to be prepared well
•    Only the users can profit of the shared content and its information, they have a privilege
•    Users from Holland and China can interact with each other to clear out questions and problems
•    New relations, work and business can be started and made on the platform
•    Information out of different social layers will give a very detailed and valuable perspective
•    Networks can be shared and used from each other
•    A club/community will be formed which allows users to enrich each other in many ways
•    A bridge will be build between countries and their culture