Know when you get a boy

In the Philippines it is believed that when your first baby has a small tail in his neck shaped by his hair the next baby will be a boy. In most cases this is correct but it has never been scientifically proved yet.

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Spend Money

On new year’s day, Don’t spend money at all. Your thriftiness on the first day of the year will augur your money management in the coming year.

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Singing while cooking

Sometimes, it feels good to cook for the ones we love. Sometimes, we get carried away that we can’t help but sing. If a female foreigner will do that in the Philippines, especially if she is single, the Filipino people will surely stop her from doing that. Filipinos believe that once a female who still have no husband sings while she cooks, she will either become an old maiden or marry someone who is old enough to be her grandfather. In some regions in the Philippines, people who do this attract bad luck to come inside the house or in any place.

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Once a foreigner visits Philippines or his Filipino friends or relatives in other places, he might notice that Most Filipinos are thrifty but they don’t allow their money or bills be stocked in them for a long time. Filipino people believe that they should let their money circulate to have more. They should buy some things or have the bank change their old bills. This actually came from the Christian belief that they should not let money stop from circulating to continue its flowing, or one should not stop from sharing, giving, and using the money so that they can have more.

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Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate, and Cleft Lip and Palate Babies

People who are knowledgeable about science, especially biology, know that the characteristics of a woman’s child depend on the characteristics the child acquired from his parents or from the relatives of his parents (family history) and the development of the child. Some Filipinos from the places away from the cities (bario) believe that pregnant women should be taken care of very well and she should avoid falls. This is actually a good practice but they have different reason from the others. While people who have been educated or those who live in the cities believe in this because they want to avoid premature labor and misconception or abortion, people from the barios believe that they should not let a pregnant woman fall because she might deliver a baby with cleft lip, cleft palate, or cleft lip and palate.

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People in the Philippines believe in lihi. It is when pregnant women starve for a food always or would always want to see or have something. Lihi is a noun, naglihi (past tense) and maglilihi or maglihi (future tense) are verbs. Old people say that people should only show pregnant women photographs of beautiful and handsome people so that the baby will also become beautiful or handsome. Women who always want to see someone especially if that someone annoys or entertains her so much, the baby will look like that someone. If the woman will experience lihi with a monkey, the child will look like a monkey; if with turtles, the child might become a hunchback; if with radish, the child will have fair and smooth complexion.

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Hoping Over the Husband

Pregnancy is not easy to women. Sometimes, aside from the heaviness of their abdomen, they would need to resize or buy another set of clothes which are bigger than their usual called maternity dresses. They may also feel sick and lazy, might crave for specific foods, and have mood swings. Sometimes, because they think that both husband and wife did something to make the wife pregnant, the suffering should be shared. The man also has to feel what the woman feels. In the Philippines, they believe that pregnant women can pass what she feels on her husband by hoping over him or his body while he is asleep.

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Balete trees

Filipinos believe in so many things and are very superstitious. They also believe in bad creatures that are not usually seen. They believe that balete, a huge tree with adventitious roots from its trunk and branches, is the home of bad creatures and ghosts. They should not cut those if they do not want those bad elements to be disturbed and disturb other people back or transfer to other places such as in people’s homes. Of course, no one wants to stay in a home with ghosts and bad creatures or elements, that is why people ‘respect’ the life of balete trees and those who are staying there.

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Why Direction of Doors & Stairs Should Face Right in The Philippines

Filipinos give importance to the house structures. When a couple decides to buy or build a house, old people say that the door should be on the right side and stairs should be straight or turn right to keep the couple loyal to each other.

‘Right’ as a direction is ‘kanan’ in Filipino and ‘right’ as proper is termed ‘tama’. They should be on the right to keep things ‘tama’. The term ‘left’ as a direction in Filipino is ‘kaliwa’, and ‘left’ as a verb (past tense of leave) is ‘iwan’.

When someone becomes unfaithful, they term it as ‘nangaliwa’ from the root word ‘kaliwa’.  If doors are on left side and the stairs turn left, old people will say, “dahil nasa kaliwa yan, mangangaliwa yang isa at mang-iiwan” which means because it is on the left, one of them will become unfaithful and will leave the other.

Newly weds in The Philippines therefore often look at this aspect when they look for their first home. Especially, when the opinion of their parents are important to them.

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Cementing or burring coins

Filipino people have a lot of superstitious beliefs and practices that they say can allow good luck and fortune dwell freely. Tourists may visit a house especially those which are owned by the Ilocanos and wonder why some coins can be seen on the superficial part of the cemented doorstep. Filipinos believe that aside from being wonderful to look at, house owners can attract good luck and prosperity. Others put a lot of coins because they believe that the more coins buried or cemented, the luckier they will become. Some of them even put different kinds, sizes, and colors of coins.

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First extracted milk tooth

Growth and removal of teeth are parts of the growth and development of a person before having permanent teeth. Children are sometimes brought to the dentists for tooth extraction but there are also times when a tooth becomes so loose especially when the child already reached the period or age when permanent ones are about to come out that the child alone can manage removing his own tooth. Filipinos have beliefs that the milk tooth of a child that was first extracted should be kept on the roof to bring good luck or be thrown where mice can pass by. If a mouse will eat the tooth, the child can grow healthy teeth

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