The Master Bedroom is Key

One of the first steps in inviting positive energy into your new home is setting up the beds, which is associated with fortune and happiness. The key is to get the order right: sheet linens, quilt, then pillows.

The bedding has to be made with haste. To avoid complications, it’s a good idea to set up the bed bases or frames in advance. The sooner you can achieve order in your bed setting, the better your prospects.

The idea is to draw prosperity to your new home by introducing vitality. The Master Bedroom should always be done first.

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Leaving on the lights in the house

Turn on the lights in the living room of the house and outside the house for three consecutive nights after moving in. This is to boost the yang energy in the house. In this way, good fortune would be invited in and will stay put. This also helps rid the house of all the negative qi or unwanted beings.

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A date is chosen for moving in

The occupants of the house should try to be in a jovial mood on the day that they are to move into their new residence. They should try to refrain from losing their tempers and refrain from uttering profanities and inauspicious words. It is not advisable to argue or quarrel as this might signify that the residents will be forever arguing or quarrelling thereafter.

The red banner must be put up before moving in. Some people hang a turnip on each side of the banner and a pineapple in the middle. Other people hang up other auspicious things.
Each family member must carry one auspicious item when moving into the new house. They should never go in empty handed as this implies that they have not brought in anything from outside. They can carry a rice container which is 3/4 filled with a red packet (ang pau) placed on top. This would mean that there is space for more to come. A packet of oranges or mandarins. Actually, it can be anything that has an auspicious meaning.

Also, either the house owner or his wife must get ready some coins to throw onto the floor while in the process of entering into the new house. This would signify bringing in wealth and good fortune. If possible utter some auspicious words like, gold and jade fills the house or something to that effect.

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Things to move into the house first

Before the auspicious date that has been chosen, one can move certain things into the house first. They should bring rice, cooking oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, charcoal and tea leaves and place them in the kitchen first. This is to signify that the house is already stocked with the basic preliminary items.

If there are children in the family, then books and stationery can also be brought to the house first. this would help boost their children’s study luck.
The altar and the deities should also be invited to the new house before the moving in date. This is done so that the deities would protect the new residence and also any unwanted beings would leave the place once the deities are installed.
The stove should also be set up before the moving in date. An auspicious date must be chosen for setting up the stove in the kitchen.

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Once a foreigner visits Philippines or his Filipino friends or relatives in other places, he might notice that Most Filipinos are thrifty but they don’t allow their money or bills be stocked in them for a long time. Filipino people believe that they should let their money circulate to have more. They should buy some things or have the bank change their old bills. This actually came from the Christian belief that they should not let money stop from circulating to continue its flowing, or one should not stop from sharing, giving, and using the money so that they can have more.

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Paying and Receiving Borrowed Money

To those who are borrowing some amount from others, they have the responsibility to pay the amount they borrowed. While some people pays or receive the money anytime, Filipinos believe that one should not borrow money on the first hour of the day because he might have bad luck for the rest of the day, first day of the week because people who lend him their money will look for him the whole week, first day of the month because he might experience the same reasons in the whole month, and first day of the year because he might become needy and might borrow amount in a lot of times in that certain year. They also believe that paying or receiving payments for borrowed money at night can bring bad luck.

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Cementing or burring coins

Filipino people have a lot of superstitious beliefs and practices that they say can allow good luck and fortune dwell freely. Tourists may visit a house especially those which are owned by the Ilocanos and wonder why some coins can be seen on the superficial part of the cemented doorstep. Filipinos believe that aside from being wonderful to look at, house owners can attract good luck and prosperity. Others put a lot of coins because they believe that the more coins buried or cemented, the luckier they will become. Some of them even put different kinds, sizes, and colors of coins.

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Signs of Swerte

There are a number of Chinese who migrated and chose to live in the Philippines. There are also of Filipinos with Chinese blood. Chinese believe in luck and because they have been in the Philippines for a long time, they might have influenced the Filipinos. Most Filipinos believe in luck and some mix Filipino belief in it. Good luck is termed swerte and bad luck is malas. They say that if the right palm of one’s hand will become itchy, a swerte is about to come in relation to financial matters; the same thing if a brown butterfly will go inside and stay for a while in one of the walls of a house.

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Giving a Wallet or a Bag

Aside from being warm in welcoming visitors, tourists, or new friends, Filipino people are also known to find joy in giving. They usually give gifts especially if there are special occasions.  Some people may choose to give wallets or bags because, of course, that can be very useful and can be used daily by the person to whom they will be giving gifts. In the Philippines, they would give those with some amount (small, big, paper bill, or coin—it does not actually matter) inside for it is believed that if they do that, the person who will receive the gift will never run short of money while using the item.

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Why The Masters’ Bedroom Should Face East in The Philippines

Some people just buy houses and become contented. Others buy houses and do some renovation. However, the more savvy in The Philippines will definitely look at the direction of the master bedroom. For some it’s so important that they decide to have a house built depending on his preferences.

The direction matters in fact for a lot of Asian countries, but in the Philippines, there are especially beliefs about the position of the the masters’ bedroom. The room, the door of the room, or its main window should face east. The sun rises in the east and the sun is believed to be a sign of God’s graces and blessings.

Having the room’s door or window facing east can catch and welcome blessings. If those are facing west, people who are living in the house may just let the blessings pass by and will welcome quarrels, diseases, and death.

While you may believe this is just a superstitious thought, you’ll be amazed how much value (especially the older generation) places on this aspect of a home.

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Welcoming Good Luck in A New House

Filipino people, though most of them are Christians, believe in luck. They would sometimes be heard talking about bad or good luck. When a person bought or built a new house, they would celebrate after the house is set and ready to be occupied. They would set a date, cook a lot of foods, invite a priest or a pastor and a set of close friends and relatives, and put a ribbon to be cut. When the day comes that the house will be blessed, they will let the priest or pastor do the blessing and the owners to cut the ribbon. After the ceremony, house owners will shower a lot of coins inside the house. Old people say, once people do this, they will forever welcome good luck.

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