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Why The Masters’ Bedroom Should Face East in The Philippines

Some people just buy houses and become contented. Others buy houses and do some renovation. However, the more savvy in The Philippines will definitely look at the direction of the master bedroom. For some it’s so important that they decide to have a house built depending on his preferences.

The direction matters in fact for a lot of Asian countries, but in the Philippines, there are especially beliefs about the position of the the masters’ bedroom. The room, the door of the room, or its main window should face east. The sun rises in the east and the sun is believed to be a sign of God’s graces and blessings.

Having the room’s door or window facing east can catch and welcome blessings. If those are facing west, people who are living in the house may just let the blessings pass by and will welcome quarrels, diseases, and death.

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While you may believe this is just a superstitious thought, you’ll be amazed how much value (especially the older generation) places on this aspect of a home.

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