Aug 11, 2017
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5 beliefs and customs from The Philippines

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1.Philippine Belief: Make a child smarter

A child will become smarter if he inserts a miracle leaf (kataka-taka) plant between his books that he uses for his studies.

2.Philippine dining custom: Kamayan

There is one trait that Filipinos happy to do and that is by eating without spoon and fork or natively term as “Kamayan” (eating using bare hands). This custom usually relates more to the poor because it mirrors poverty but can be practiced by whatever social status one has.

3.Philippine gesture custom: Pointing lips

Filipinos also has their own cultural quirks and one of it is by pointing with one’s lips. This kind of mannerism can be annoying if you’re not familiar with it. When you’re asking for something or looking for someone, then they would answer you back by pointing their lips to direct you to what you’re looking for.

4.Philippines customs on love and dating

Is there a way of finding out how your future partner will look like?

You don’t have to sleep to find out how the man or woman of your dreams will look like instead, wake up at exactly 12 midnight, hold a lighted candle and face the mirror. At first, the image will be blurry but after a few minutes, you will see the face of your lifetime partner.

Are you itching to go on that dream vacation just before you tie the knot?

You might as well wait for your honeymoon. Engaged couples are prone to accidents and should not travel before their wedding day.

Thinking about whether your pet dog or cute little toddler should bring the rings during the wedding?

Better ask one of the groom’s men to hold your precious marriage symbols or tie them tightly on their little white pillows. Dropping the wedding ring, veil or arrhae during the ceremony means an unhappy marriage.

Philippine beliefs:Respect and bodylangauge

Pay respect to other creatures when you pass by a vacant lot. We believe that vacant lots and eerily quiet spaces are home to mythical creatures. We say Tabi tabi po” (Excuse me) when we pass through these areas.

When people are lost, they should wear their clothes backward so the spirits can guide them back to where they came from.

Don’t rest your chin on your hand, this invites bad luck.


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