Paying the bill

In terms of paying the bill, it is not unusual to grab the bill and pay for it before your host takes any actions. A-A is very rare in China especially when you are doing business with clients. Even when you are the client, you can do it just to show friendliness.

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Spend Money

On new year’s day, Don’t spend money at all. Your thriftiness on the first day of the year will augur your money management in the coming year.

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Once a foreigner visits Philippines or his Filipino friends or relatives in other places, he might notice that Most Filipinos are thrifty but they don’t allow their money or bills be stocked in them for a long time. Filipino people believe that they should let their money circulate to have more. They should buy some things or have the bank change their old bills. This actually came from the Christian belief that they should not let money stop from circulating to continue its flowing, or one should not stop from sharing, giving, and using the money so that they can have more.

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Paying and Receiving Borrowed Money

To those who are borrowing some amount from others, they have the responsibility to pay the amount they borrowed. While some people pays or receive the money anytime, Filipinos believe that one should not borrow money on the first hour of the day because he might have bad luck for the rest of the day, first day of the week because people who lend him their money will look for him the whole week, first day of the month because he might experience the same reasons in the whole month, and first day of the year because he might become needy and might borrow amount in a lot of times in that certain year. They also believe that paying or receiving payments for borrowed money at night can bring bad luck.

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Giving a Wallet or a Bag

Aside from being warm in welcoming visitors, tourists, or new friends, Filipino people are also known to find joy in giving. They usually give gifts especially if there are special occasions.  Some people may choose to give wallets or bags because, of course, that can be very useful and can be used daily by the person to whom they will be giving gifts. In the Philippines, they would give those with some amount (small, big, paper bill, or coin—it does not actually matter) inside for it is believed that if they do that, the person who will receive the gift will never run short of money while using the item.

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How much do you earn?

One’s salary in China is almost a public domain. It is very common to talk about one’s salary, even in daily life conversations. Chinese are particularly interested in how much westerners earn. Never get offended when the inevitable question : How much do you earn? (ni3 de shou3ru4 duo1shao3) gets asked. If you do not feeling comfortable answering the question you can always say:My salary is sufficient (wo3 de shou3ru4 gou1 le). This answer will always be accepted with no further questions.

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