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Having a meal / Malaysia / Table Manners

Eating and Dining in Malaysia

Which Hand To Use

Malay folks eat with their right hand, except for soup based and noodle dishes. Common meal is not course based, so when you are served with meal, you could take the dishes you feel like eating and put it on your plate. However, don’t be greedy, you can always add on as you eat. Do not use your left hand when eating as it is considered rude.

Eating on the Floor

Sometimes, meals are not served on dining table. So, please sit down on the floor comfortably. When eating, your plate should always be on the floor. However, if you need to pick up your plate while eating, do not take it so high (i.e. almost touching your chin) – same level as your chest is still acceptable.

Bowl to Wash Hands

Attending guests during meals usually will also include a small bowl of water for use to wash hand – be mindful of this.

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Who Scoops Rice?

In more traditional homes, the girl is always expected to scoop the rice on the plate for the elder people in the house as well as for the males. Do not scoop up too much rice or too little, but give an average amount.

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