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The Vietnamese Pre-Wedding Shoot: A 2021 Insider Guide

Memories are frozen in time and savored forever – that’s the power of photography. The same applies to wedding photography in Vietnam as it has become essential pretty much every single marriage. Following the change of times, modern Vietnamese wedding photography now comes in many forms, including the pre-wedding and wedding day photography. What are they and what are the trends? Let’s find out right now in this article.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Modern Vietnamese wedding photography is the work of a photographer for a couple before and on their wedding day. Final products usually are photo book and digital outtakes.

The wedding photobook, emerging around the late 90s – early 2000s, is now a must-have at every wedding. The old style was rather stiff and serious. But couples nowadays can be more relaxed and playful in the photoshoot. Not to mention the endless choices of outfits, locations, decor.

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Current Trends of Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Korean Style

Korean style or studio wedding photography is not a new trend, but always a favorite of couples in recent years. In this style, the pair is the main subject. The photographer will ‘direct’ them in a way that best showcases their feelings towards each other. On another hand, the background is adorned in various styles. Fun fact: a key trend for background decor is Edwardian interior design. Other times, they are mono-color. Sometimes, couples invest to adjust the background to their liking. Can you imagine having an in-house garden or magical forest as your wedding photo backdrop?

Korean Style wedding photography
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Combine with Travel

Typically, a couple has their honeymoon trip after the wedding ceremony. But economic growth allows people to have more than one holiday. Now, many Vietnamese prefer taking wedding photos in their pre-wedding getaway. The lovebirds get to enjoy sweet moments pre-nuptial while saving time and money.

Couples now can enjoy reasonably priced offers for such a choice. Food, accommodation, and transportation are included in a 3 days 2 nights package from wedding planner services. 

In Vietnam, locations like Da Lat, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc are among the top choices of couples.

Travel wedding photography
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Retro Style

Vietnamese have an incredibly strong sense of nostalgia. That’s why many couples choose this style for their wedding photoshoot.

The reigning retro style wedding photos can have a mix of the 80s – 90s era. Classic composition, vintage coloring, costume, and location are most essential.

Couples should also study the style they want to portrait and consult with the photographer to get the best results. When in the shoot, the pair can get into character and play out what people of that era act in a photo.

retro style wedding photography
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Wedding Day Photoshoot

The photoshoot style branches out into two forms: wedding photojournalism and wedding documentary. For some people, they’re somewhat similar. But wedding photojournalism can cost twice or three times more than a wedding documentary. Thorough research is what you need to get the best value for your money.

What is Wedding Photojournalism?

A photographer who practices wedding photojournalism will capture the moments in journalism fashion. There won’t be any interference, adjustments at all. Anything captured will be in their natural state, including the lights and colors. This style suits those who love the sincere, untouched feel – something different through the lens.

black and white wedding Photojournalism
Photo credit: Khoi Le

When Should You Choose Wedding Photojournalism?

  • When saving costs is your priority
  • When you want to uphold the traditions:
    • Only catch the key points of the event in a ‘head-count’ fashion
    • All images to be classically composed
    • A separate editorial photo book, the rest is in digital form
  • When your wedding party has over 200 guests

What is a Wedding Documentary?

A wedding documentary means the photographer can alter the scene a bit. It can be anything from light improvement, adjustment of objects, or people’s movement. More retouching or color correction can be added if necessary. Still, the key is to keep the interference at minimal, so that the outcome won’t be too staged. Compared to wedding photojournalism, the documentary style is more ‘traditional’. Posey, conventional shots are often seen in this style.

Wedding documentary example
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When Should You Choose a Wedding Documentary?

  • When your budget is a bit generous
  • When the wedding party has less than 150 guests with mostly friends and colleagues
  • When you value the moment captured than roll calling every person attending
  • When you want something different for your wedding photo book

5 Most Important Things to Prepare Before the Wedding Photoshoot

  1. Maintain Your Health

Being out all day posing is not easy so you need to stay healthy pre-shooting. Exercise, eat, and rest properly no matter how busy you are with the wedding preparation.

  1. Study the Wedding Photography Packages

To have a successful photoshoot, you should know the following:

  • Locations you will be photographing that day 
  • Starting and ending times of the shoot
  • Schedule
  • Food
  • Props, costume needed

A good wedding photographer will communicate with you these things in advance and take care of the full day schedule. When you work with a photographer who is purely responsible for photography, there’s more things you’ll have to project manage yourself! Make sure you know what’s included in the photographer’s services.

  1. Gather Your Wedding Photo Inspirations

A lack of research in advance results in couples missing out on many cool ideas for the photoshoot. Also, it helps the couple to communicate better with their photographer. A good photographer will have many ideas himself, but communicating your preferences in advance will make sure you will be truly happy with your end results.

  1. Prepare Your Luggage Well

It is unquestionable that all items needed for the shoot must be there when in shooting! After learning of the schedule, you should start packing essential items to avoid missing out on anything. Don’t do that just the day before the shoot. Start early, make a list. And whenever you add items to your luggage, tick it off on your checklist.

  1. Learn How to Pose

Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera, especially the groom. Practice makes perfect so do spend time to practice together. A full guide on how to pose for a Vietnamese wedding photoshoot is beyond the scope of this article. However, you can easily get your pose inspirations by watching the many video guides available on this topic on YouTube.


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