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10 Surprising Things Filipinos Are Known For

1.Filipinos are easily influenced by social media

According to a recent survey, Filipinos are leading in social media use across the whole world; to them, social media is a part of everyday life. A study regarding effects of social media not only to Filipino youth but it is evident in all ages. Filipinos have a history of standing for what they believe in but in our digital age today, it is even more difficult to discern the truth to fiction.  One example is a video of escalator etiquettes, this video went viral all throughout the Philippines and for a few months after the said events, this etiquette was spread throughout malls and public places nationwide.

2.Filipinos are religious

Since time immemorial, Filipinos have always been religious, dated back even before Spaniards time, they already worship gods Bathala or Anito. It is practiced until today, An example is the famous Feast of Nazarene, the devotion of the people to the image of black Nazarene is tremendously exhibited by carrying the life- sized image in procession to a certain route. This practice has been carried throughout the years till present.

3.The Filipino pride

Filipino pride or also called ‘Pinoy Pride’, is a hollow knee-jerk reaction of the Filipinos that whenever someone with a Filipino blood makes a name outside the Philippines, Filipinos react to acknowledge this person who made it big internationally. Examples of which are Charice Pempengco, Manny Pacquiao, Pia Wurtzbach, Kylie Versoza and Megan Young are among the biggest personalities Filipinos tagged as ‘Pinoy Pride’.

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4.Time runs as ‘Filipino Time’

Filipino Time runs usually 1 hour late and excuses are always would be due to ‘traffic’ but they would consider this in time if the speaker/event /meeting has not started yet.

5.Filipinos are hospitable especially to foreigners

Filipinos are warm to visitors more so with foreigners, it is in their nature that they would always greet their guests warmly, make the guests comfortable and entertained. They place in their best to give the best services they can provide and many see this as one of the greatest positive traits of Filipinos.

6.Filipinos are superstitious

The Philippines is the melting pot of races but also local and foreign beliefs. Even in modern times, they still believe in some superstition. An example of a famous superstition is called Paglilihi is associated with to food cravings or any kind experienced by women during the initial stage of pregnancy.

7.A respect to elders thru ‘Pagmamano’

Pagmamano is a simple gesture used in Filipino culture by giving greeting bows towards the offered hand of the elder and presses his or her forehead on the elder’s hand as a sign of respect and accepting a blessing from an elder.

Pagmamano is a traditional common Filipino practice to respect people older than you.

8.Filipinos use a taboo and a timba for baths instead of showers or bath tub.

When staying in a Filipino home, you’ll usually see a pail or they call it timba and pail dipper or taboo for collecting scooping amounts of water for baths. Some Filipinos believe that this is a good way to conserve water but others do it because they were accustomed to the traditional way of bathing using taboo and timba.

9.Filipinos use their hands for eating.

What a better way to enjoy the food than to use your hands the same way Filipinos do. It is one traditional practice that is still present and you’ll usually see it in a fast food chain, Mang Inasal where they offer unlimited rice, but they would also practice proper hygiene of washing hands before and after meals.

10.Filipinos love to use banana leaves instead of a plate.

Get the ultimate ‘nature’ feel while eating your food on top of an efficient, budget friendly plate! One unique Filipino tradition that is not only fun, decorative and absolutely eco-friendly!

11. Filipinos don’t sing while cooking

Don’t sing while cooking; you might marry an old man! This is a typical Filipino superstition.

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