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5 Reasons Why Experiencing Festivals In The Philippines Is A Must

The Philippines, an archipelago which has been colonized by many countries, is a place of diverse culture. From Luzon to Mindanao, every place in The Philippines has its own festivals as a way to continue their culture and tradition while welcoming new changes.

Some of the most popular festivals, and highly-visited by locals and tourists alike, are Cebu’s Sinulog Festival, Baguio City’s Panagbenga Festival, Lucban, Queonx’s Pahiyas Festival, and Marindugue’s Moriones Festival. People will always plan their visits and try to insert them to their schedules so they can go their hometowns and celebrate the feast with their loved ones.

Here are the reasons why it is fun celebrating Philippine festivals and why you should try it next time you visit the country:

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The Performances

From ethnic dance numbers to cool performances depicting a town’s culture and tradition, a visitor will never get bored when going to a festival. Usually lasting for a week or two, a festival’s highlight will always be a street dance complete with drum and lyre. Performers, usually locals, don their costumes with pride as they dance and depict their place’s origin. Sometimes, these costumers are woven with intricate details, materials of which can also be found in their place.

The Culture and Traditions in The Philippines

Festivals are way to promote and relive the origin of the place. Activities you may enjoy other than dance numbers in the streets are beauty contest, photo exhibits, theater plays, and even free tours to their known destinations.

The Food

What is a festivity with the food? The Philippines, a food-loving country, is not at the bottom when it comes to preparing food in the table, especially during festivals. Each home will prepare sumptuous food for their visitors to indulge on. You know you are in a Filipino home (and in a good and happy company) of there are rice, adobo, menudo, pansit, and puto at the table.

The People

The Philippines’ is one of the world’s most happy people. They are known for their resiliency in trying times that is why there is always a joy in finding a good company with a Filipino friend. Your Filipino friend will gladly introduce you to his family and make them feel like you are at home with them. They will insist you try the trademark Filipino food like balut, halo-halo, and adobo during your stay. You will gain friends in no time because they are naturally friendly. They can even tour you around the city and tell you stories about their place. Truly, their hospitality is one-of-a-kind.

The Memories

More than the selfies and the photos uploaded on social media accounts, memories created during the celebration of each Philippine festival is a way to further promote the place. Every local aims that their place’s culture and tradition will still be continued even when changes made by technology has already made available for everyone. The bonding of family members, the camaraderie of the community, and the creative ideas of people behind a festival’s success, is rather vital. The culminating activity of each festivals proves that Filipinos loves where the place where they came from.

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