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China and the Cultural Shock for Western Countries

If you are moving to China or just visiting for the first time, be ready for the cultural shock. They don`t have our social obligation and there can be bad communication. The different culture in China will show you what the meaning is of cultural shock.

Spitting and staring

After arriving at the airport, maybe the first cultural shock will be if you see a pretty lady spitting in the bucket. Then comes the staring at you. Chinese people will stare at you in the street, bus station, restaurant, everywhere. So be patient and calm. And don`t worry, they don`t mean any harm. They just want to see you better.

Language and food

At the beginning, you can feel powerless, because of the language barrier. It’s hard to communicate when they don`t speak English. You can`t read signs or menus. You can feel awkward. They have cheap food, but Chinese people will charge you more if you don`t look at the bill. And no tips, because customer service is bad.

chinese tea

Street and metro

Chinese people have an aggressive culture when they walk, they can push you, cut in line, or run into you. They will spit on the street so if you are behind them and hear loud sounds be careful.

Don`t be surprised if you see a businessman in the metro, without his shoes and white socks, cutting his nails. It`s alright to do that.

Toilets and questions

Toilets are a hole in the floor. In the ladies room, you can see a lady with the open door. Don`t be surprised.

Chinese people will ask you questions about your age and status if you are single, married, basically everything about your life. They don`t understand what is non-polite for us.


Doing business in China can be hard and can be really stressful.

Chinese people are cold, without compassion and empathy, they lie and they will try to trick you or to find a reason to take more of your time, to keep you waiting.

They can change their mind very easy, about your visa, work, apartment and the electricity bill.

They lie because it benefits them. Also, when it’s going to make them look better, they can deny anything.

Positive things

You need to accept their way of thinking, living and accept the different culture in China.

If you love Asia, if you are oriented towards the east, there are many beautiful and positive things in China, to see and experience. In this beautiful country, you will taste delicious food, drink different types of tea, see a panda, explore new religion and architecture and meet new people.

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