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Glance at Asia

The culture of Asia is very diverse as it has a vast area and many different countries. Geographically, Asia is divided into sub-regions which are East Asia, West Asia, North Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

Being the largest continent on the planet Earth, it is consist of… countries. It is home to many different customs, cultures. Each country has its own customs and parameter of interpersonal skills.

Professional meetings

It is customary to set up the meeting several weeks in advance. People present the business cards always face up and with both the hands. It shows respect when one reads the card before putting it in.

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Weddings in Asia

Every part of Asia has its unique tradition. China has its own way of celebrating the weddings. Full cost of the marriages is taken care of by the groom’s side. It is customary to wear red costumes for both bride and groom. On the wedding date, the bride and grooms are not allowed to see each other. As a blessing to having healthy and lots of children, relatives put logan, peanuts and lotus seeds under the bed of the couple.

At the engagement ceremony in Japan, a special gift is exchanged which is called “konbu”. It is a white colored long hemp that is given to bride and groom as a blessing for them to grow old together. The money offered is given in special envelopes having gold and silver strings called shugi-bukuro.

For Persian people, the day of marriage is a special day not only for the couple but also the whole family. The wedding ceremony is filled with old customs and stunning details conducted in an amazing setting around an elaborate spread of symbolic items to ward off the evil eye.

Food in Asia

Asia is home to a vast variety of cuisines. From veg to non-veg there are thousand of foods that are prepared specially here. Okinawan cuisine, Taiwanese cuisine, Bruneian cuisine and lots more. India itself is home to hundreds of unique cuisine. Some of them are even scary as they include soups of living red ants.

Basic etiquettes in Asia

When one visit Asian countries, it can be a bit beneficial to follow some etiquette and can get you respect by the local fellows. When someone offers a variety of food, it is good to take sample of all the things that are offered. Every time while visiting the mosques one should cover the head with something. It is strictly prohibited to wear shoes or any kind of footwear inside the temples or mosques.

It is also not instructed to sneeze or blow the nose at the dinner tables. There are some don’t regarding chopsticks itself like one should not insert the chopstick in rice vertically or lick the chopsticks or cross the chopsticks while resting them and many more.

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