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Three Elements of the Asian Culture and Heritage

The Asian culture is deep, profound and full of meaning. Every aspect of the Asian culture is unique. It has particular elements that make it rich and complete. Although Asia has different ethnicities, some traditional beliefs and practices bring them together. Asian culture and heritage are broad; we will discuss three aspects that are similar to the majority of Asian communities.

Family structure and hierarchy

In the Asian culture, the Man is the head of the household. He is highly respected and honored. So, an Asian male has a bigger value than an Asian female. A son always carries the family name. There is even a clearer distinction between genders when it comes to family responsibilities A woman’s role in the family seems more passive. A wife is below her husband’s standards and should always submit to him. Her roles and duties are within the confines of her home. On the other hand, the male is the sole bread winner. His primary function is being a well-behaved son. Second, he must strive to be a great husband and father. Asians have a lot of respect for their elderly and the dead. Further, they stay loyal to all authority figures in their lives. As for the children, their duty is to listen to adults rather than argue. Kids are taught to respect family as the primary unit and observe high levels of discipline.  Asians value interdependence and they tend to do things collectively. Last but not least, Asians don’t wash their dirty linen in public.

Asian Holidays and festivals

A few holidays are observed in many Asian countries. For instance, the Chinese New Year is a festival that celebrates the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Most Asians celebrate it every year on January 22nd.  Indians celebrate Holi, a spring festival. Held to commemorate the defeat of the mythical creature (Holika), Holi kicks off with a huge bonfire. The Ching Ming Festival that is celebrated on April 5th attracts a lot of Asian party lovers. Surprisingly, the party venue is the cemetery where people go to clean the graves. Asians love life and festivals are an integral part of their cultural heritage.

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Medicine and health in Asian Culture

Asians believe less in conventional medical practices and more in their own traditional medicine. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a major component of the Chinese culture and revolves around Yin and Yang. Others are acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tibetan medicine, Japanese herbal medicine, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine (TVM), Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and Moxibustion, coin rubbing and cupping. The last one is widely acceptable in Tibet, Vietnam, Japan, China, Korea and Mongolia.

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