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Incredible facts about the Western Culture and the Asian World

In order to conduct a successful business in a particular region, it is good to have knowledge about their culture, customs and what affects them. It is so amazing and interesting to closely monitor how the way of life of a group of people, their behaviours, and beliefs not forgetting their arts and habits characterize a particular society. The different cultures between Asian countries and the Western world can be identified by their general characteristics.

The geographic boundaries show diverse cultures in the Asian world, for example, the Himalayas which separates and distinct the Asian culture. Culture in a particular place can be identified by various factors such as religion, language, and individual factors.


The key factor that distinguishes the way of people in a particular place is religion, which reflects much about what they believe in. Christianity and Islam were spread in many parts of the western world. Abrahamic religions are connected with the Western culture. Buddhism, Sikhism, and Hinduism have played a big role in shaping the Eastern Culture.

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These religions have common concepts in the stories and traditions just like the Abrahamic faiths. One general difference between the Western and Eastern religions is that the Eastern religions believe in reincarnation after death while the Western monotheistic religions believe in the existence of the soul after death. Anybody who wants to start a business in such regions should consider the ways of dressing of such religions and their do’s and don’ts.

Language and writing

There is a great difference in the scripts and languages between the Asian and Western culture. Even though they originated from the same roots, the difference between them is very clear. In the West, the most influential language is Latin and the romantic alphabet. Chinese writing, in the same way, has played a very significant role in the Asian world. The Culture of the Chinese people has spread through Asia just like the Romans spread their ideas across Europe.

The Individual

Romanism has enlightened and influenced the Western culture in a great way. This has caused much focus on the individual which is less considered in the Eastern culture. Focus on the individual has had an influence in developing the Western culture aspects like art and business.

Their differences and similarities

It is evident that the Western and Eastern cultures cannot be separated. They are different in art, cuisine, architecture, and music arose in the West and the East. The fact is that they centrally co-exist. The intermediate between the East and the West is the Middle East, Central Asia, and West Asia. There is a great interdependence among the different cultures due to mixing of different cultures arising from the old world.

Other factors that have influenced the Asian culture include Eastern philosophies like Hinduism and Confucianism. When it comes to the individual, the modern Western cultures have had a great impact on them.

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