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20 Incredible ideas of Indian bride poses you would want to steal

Memories of love, and cherished moments during a wedding are the things any couple could ever look for. On your wedding day, you could only dream to get the best pictures with amazing poses. Your poses as a bride can really make your wedding memorable. As a bride, posing in a cute and unique way could be the best way to show your love to your loved one.

I once went to visit my friend who had been newly married sometimes back then. I wanted to know how they were doing and also to get the information on how her wedding ceremony I had missed went. She gave me her album of wedding photos they had taken. I was very much moved by the kind of photos i saw. The poses of the bride were so unique and cute. They were the kind of poses that any woman aspiring to do a wedding can ever dream of.

I asked her the secret behind those beautiful photos and she told me that it lied on your knowledge on bridal poses that you knew. I then realised that it was very important for any bride to be, to have an idea on a variety of bridal poses.

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I have compiled a list of 20 ideas of Indian bridal poses that you would want to steal. They will actually store very amazing memories that you really deserve.

1. Desi Indian Vogue

This is one of the striking poses that most brides love. The bride poses while arm is placed on the mouth while the other one is placed on the fore head. The hands of the bride should be well decorated to achieve the desired results like the ones above.

2. The pose of Run Skip and jump

This style is another one that is really a great fun during the photo session. The bride, the maids and the groom jump while the photographer captures them. The bride should try to jump as high as possible and should be careful not to fall down and hurt herself.

3. Rain Blues

On this pose, the bride faces her groom as she is telling her something closely that no else hears except the two of them. She holds his head closely to hers and closely looks at him. The bridegroom on the other hand closes his eyes .It is a very romantic posture which expresses the bride’s feelings to her groom without words. It is a true expression of love.

4. Mirror on the wall

This style as the name suggests, is done when the maids poses together. Some will stand while others scotch. One maid who is standing holds the mirror which reflects the bride who is standing on the other side. It is a very unique way for the maids and the bride.

5. Slo Mo love

On this pose, the bride stands in the middle of both the maids and the groom’s men. Some of the maids will face the groom as demonstrated above.

6. The Rom com Lean

The Rom Com lean is done mostly in front of Temples. The newly wedded couples stand in front of the Temple facing on the opposite side of each other. The bride holds her waist while smiling in a sweet way as demonstrated.

7. Aerial Lehnga Twirl

This posture suits mostly the bride and two maids. They sit down a matt while spreading their dresses widely on the flow forming a cute pattern.

8. The Cinematic Cliff Short

The Cinematic Cliff Short is one of the best postures that are done on an outside environment. The bride holds her groom while he holds her back as if trying to push her back.

9. Bridal Silhouette

This is a posture that portrays a shadowy image of the bride. The bride stands at the door while the photographer takes the photo from behind.

10. Getting Ready Getting Gorgeous

This is another incredible style that is so unique and somehow sophisticated. The bride holds her earrings as if to get preparing herself to look good.

11. Dreamy Chunni

This is another pose that suits the outside environment. The bride holds her head gear and lets it spread behind her like a flower.

12. Mehndi Close-ups

This design is achieved when the photo is taken from a bride who is sitted while placing her hands on her knees.

13. A Kiss in the Greens

The bride holds her groom on his shoulder with both hands while he holds her on the waist and kiss. The photo is taken as they do so.

14. The Jewelled bride

The bride holds her umbrella and the photo is taken.

15. The Pooja Dream

It is taken by the while sitting together as demonstrated above.

16. Field of Dreams

For those brides obssesed with flowers this is the best posture for you.You take it in the middle of flowers.

17. Romantic Shava Shava

The bride holds both her decorated hands on her face covering one eye.

18. Under the Influence

The maids and the bride toast their glasses together and the photo is taken from below.

19. A Little Privacy Please

20. Thank you

This is one of the best ways to end a ceremony. The couple kiss each other as a sign of thank you.

Wasn’t that awesome? You can agree with me that these are the best 20 Ideas of Indian bride poses you would want to steal.

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