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Asia-Another World

Asia has been always been considered to be a continent of mystery. Surrounded by a long heritage of traditions and cultures dating back centuries, Asia remains a continent of interest to those that seek out the true meaning of heritage and perseverance. With over fifty countries comprising the total population of over four billion individuals and growing, Asia remains a focal point of all travelers who look to experience a unique traveling adventure that will forever be remembered. From the Great Wall in China measuring a total distance of 13,170 miles, to architectural feats of accomplishment that have remained for centuries, Asia remains the premiere travel destination encompassing a rich tradition of history brought forth from generations.

Asia is full of traditions

With points of interest for all those seeking adventure while experiencing breath-taking views, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore remain the most visited Asian countries to date. With a deep tradition of heritage and traditions in respect to each country, Asia is an adventure that needs to be experienced, to learn and explore. Although somewhat antiquated in the out-lying areas far from the larger metropolitan cities such as Beijing, the true China remains intact with small archaic villages that have survived the ever growing population and the need for expansion.

Respect for the culture and traditions of all Asian countries are mandatory and justly deserving. Asians have a long tradition of respect often shown towards each other, especially women and religion. With deep-routed traditions towards the Buddhism religion, the head of a religious believer is considered sacred and not to be touched or rubbed. Removing shoes when entering the home in any Asian country is an indication of respect towards cultures and beliefs passed down from generations. With many celebrations that are commonplace throughout Asian countries, Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is similar to celebration of New Year’s in North America with the exception of celebration lasting for two weeks or more.

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Traditional values hold true throughout Asia in regards to marriage weddings, even pregnancies. Weddings in China stem from traditions that are rather lengthy compared to North American standards and often entail rituals that may last for many months’ even years. From Obtaining the Bride to Groom and Bridesmaids Games and Ceremonial Rites, weddings in Asia are festive and lengthy with actual ceremonies lasting for many weeks.

Replaced by the former tradition of women being servants to their dominate male partner, expecting Asian women of today are treated with respect and admiration. Asian women expecting a child are monitored closely with precise measures to see that the newborn is brought into the world without complications or birth defects. From restrictions keeping sharp objects in bed there-by eliminating the possibilities of a child born with cleft lip or palate, to restrictions from touching adhesives reducing the chances of a baby born with birthmarks, old traditions passed down from generations remain adhered to closely.

Undoubtedly, Asia in all its entirety is remarkable and beautiful in every respect. Regardless of the Asian country visited Asia, will always remain mysterious, inviting and another world.

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