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Asia, the Largest Continent in the World

Often expressed as “Pearls of the Orient”, Asia is the largest continent in the World. Comprised of over fifty individual countries each rich in tradition dating back centuries, Asia continues to be rich in ethnicities with firm beliefs in religion, family beliefs, customs and high moral character. From majestic mountains with breath-taking panoramic views of some of the most prolific scenery in the World, it is clear to see why Asia is indeed the Pearl of the Orient.

The unique culture in Asia

With a population of over four-billion citizens and growing, Asia is a unique culture comprised of many different principles and beliefs. From religion to everyday values, each individualized race is based on specific societies with strict beliefs from which lives are centered and built upon, passed from generation to generation. Although the focus is often primarily on China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore, Asia is distinctive in many ways. The complexity of the culture, the hardships and torments that have been endured for centuries is only a mere beginning to fully comprehend the suffering and sacrifices made for survival.

Where traditional customs vastly differentiate in many countries from what is considered the norm by United States standards, Asian heritage is more than a custom. Asian Heritage is a belief in the individual person, each to his or her own, a unique entity brought into this World for a purpose, to fulfil legacies and the true meaning of existence. With religions from Buddhism to Hinduism and beyond, faith is the catalyst from which inspiration and determination are born. To those that have survived war, poverty and persecution, faith and the belief of a higher power allow survival.

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Asian Women

In ancient China where male superiority was dominate. Asian women were considered servants to the predominate male of the family, catering to his individual needs. Often walking behind the male, Asian women were often ridiculed, abused and replaced as mere tokens. In today’s Asian society, women have made great strides in accomplishing what was once thought inconceivable. With greater emphasis placed on the Asian women as more than a servant, Asian women today are now matriarchs of the family, the foundation from which growth and traditions endure. Holding employment positions as leaders of major fortune 500 companies today, Asian women still adhere to traditional ancestral values, however are becoming heavily influenced by North American inspirations.

Throughout Asia today, North American traditions and beliefs continue to change the traditional values and beliefs once considered sacred. Replaced by high moral character and the belief of eternal life, North American and the changing World have erased what was once a proud and dominate society. Today, high rise architectural structures in larger metropolitan cities, replace villages where families endured, survived and worked as a strong bonding unit, forever together, forever strengthened on beliefs for a better tomorrow and the sanctity of ancestral generations passed.

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