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Dance Exotically With Dayak’s in Riam Panahan, Lamandau

Dayak is an original ethnic from Borneo. One of the ethnics which is highly respected in Indonesia. This ethnic is famous with its black magic, head-hunting, One of the recommended villages to visit this ethnic is Riam Panahan, a village in Lamandau Regency, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The traditional dance of the Dayak’s

One of the wonderful things that make you feel ‘I want to come back here again’ is an exotic dance called Baigal. Baigal is danced after a rite called Ikat Tongang. This dance is performed by Dayaks to welcome their guests. The interesting part is, you will not come to watch, you will dance with them altogether. Hold on your skirt from the excitement!

There are many special things in this dance: special instruments, special outwear, ultimately unique moves, and something you shouldn’t miss, traditional alcoholic beverage. Once the rite of Ikat Tongan finished. The music players start to play the traditional instruments called garantung. You will feel a spirit in your body when you hear this exciting music while the local people prepare to start the dance.

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How a Dayak performs the Baigal dance

Once it is ready, they will choose the guests randomly to dance with them. The dancers are 2 men and two women mixed between the local and the guests. They will give them special outwears. There are a scarf and a long fabric for each dancer and a traditional cap special for the men. After that, the dance starts.

This dance has a very special tender move. Expand your hands, then make moves like you want to fly smoothly. What an unexpected dance! If you search on YouTube, you will find many energetic dances with mandau and talawang (Dayak’s traditional weapons) which will make you shiver. But Baigal is very different. Once you dance with them, your fear will fly as soon as you start. You will see another side of Dayaks, their kindness, their tenderness. You will exchange place with your opponent once or two times during the dance.

You will drink 4 or 5 times until the dance finished. Don’t worry if you somehow can’t drink it. Dayaks are very appreciating. They will surely appreciate you and will never insist you to drink it. Very nice people!

They said that this was how they showed love to their guests and that incredible traditional party was usually held all night long. Wow, ready for the challenge? Plan your exotic holiday with your lovely ones and enjoy the sensation of dancing like a dayak!


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