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Travel in China as a foreigner

Your passport is gold in China

When you travel in an unknown country, especially overseas you do realize how basic rules are not always followed.

As a tip for a foreigner traveller in China first of all treat your passport as gold.

Whether you travel by bus or by train you will need to have it with you.

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If you lose it, the process to get it back or have a valid travel permit to move to the next city can take weeks and if you are travel alone you will not be able to buy any ticket without it.

The queue for buying tickets could be long and very stressful as just one or two of the ticket counters are organized for English speakers.

Most of the times have a Chinese friend could save time and many troubles.

Travel by train in China

In China the trains classes are just 2 so either you pay for your soft seat which means to have a bed for the night or you choose the cheaper option called hard seat where you basically have to spare a table with other 5 people for the night to sleep.

The experience is once in a lifetime.

All the people queue for the hot water dispenser at the end of each carriage all night long plus some of them play cards on the way to their destination while the noodles are sold by a young student in search of some pockets money.

The whole carriage is packed with life.

People are all over the place around the aisle, some of them sleeping on the floor too.

Pay attention to the stops as they are not always announced in English but try to take to most out of them when you can get off the train to buy the local delicious food on the platform.

Locals will always try to charge you more so pay attention on how much the other Chinese passengers are paying.

Foreigners are still believed to be money makers so whatever you decide to do watch out.

Travel in China is as before mentioned something you should do with a flexible spirit, the 25 hours train from Beijing to Hong Kong will be like nothing you experienced before so take pictures, chat with locals and enjoy it.

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