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Top four most popular Asian festivals.

In both human population and in landmass, Asia ranks number one as the biggest continent. The boundary stretches from the Middle East region down to the east of the ocean Pacific. Asia as a continent over time has been known for the liveliness of it people and their huge cultural and religious heritage. However, beyond the people, Asia has one more thing to be proud about; it’s festivals. Asian festivals are one of the most celebrated events in the region as each of them shows off a rich variety of culture of the people. Even though these festivals as you travel from place to place in the region may vary in procedures or manner of celebration but they all have something they share and that is the fact that they are all huge and massive festivals with plenty fun in the pipeline for both indigenous citizens and tourists. So if it’s probably your first time in Asia or you have future plans of coming around to spend a holiday or even for a business trip, below are some Asian festivals you must not miss for anything:-

Songkran (Thailand)

Topping the list is the ancient Thailand New year festival known as Songkran. This festival usually comes up during the time of the year that seems the hottest and as the New Year festival. It also serves as a source of spiritual cleaning for the participants. The fun of the festival comes as local residents equip themselves with buckets of water far below room temperature and out into the streets to completely drench anyone that comes their way as a kind of New Year blessings. Tourists have been participants of this festival as they see the fun.

Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival (China)

Looking at this festival as the biggest ice and snow celebration in the whole world will not in any way be an exaggeration. This festival as the name implies is an ice and snow festival held every year during the winter months somewhere in the northeast of China. During the festival, beautiful ice sculpture artworks are displayed in such a magnificent manner that it lights up the whole celebrations. First timers to this festival find it absolutely amazing. You will wish to attend some day.

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Hong Kong Arts Festival (China)

Surely, this festival always gets the people of Hong Kong and visitors as well wet with excitement as they anticipate its arrival. A festival comprising of art shows, talent shows (both local and international), concerts and many more interesting activities by top stars in the entertainment industry around the world. This festival means a lot to the people of Hong Kong as it showcases their rich cultural heritage.

Thaipusam (Malaysia)

This list will probably make a low statement of fact if I fail to include the very famous festival of Thaipusam held in Malaysia. Thaipusam holds a record of attracting over a million local men and women with additional thousands of tourists and first timers in Malaysia. From the Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Kuala Lumpur, a procession which is due to last for 8 hours takes off and concludes at the stunning temple at Batu Caves just outside Kuala Lumpur. Celebrated between the January and February period, it attracts people from other religions aside from the main Hindu followers.

The list certainly can go on and on!

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